Useful media: Second Life

Second Life is an interactive and communication centred virtual world which is a gift for communication activities and Task Based Learning! What do you think?


Useful media: PebblePad

PebblePad is used at many UK universities as an e-portfolio platform. It is a flexible and effective site for presentation, documentation, and a repository for students, who can make parts they choose visible to others, eg, students can submit work through it for university assessment. I think the main purpose is as a metacognitive tool to enable us to think about what we are learning, what we are writing, and how we are developing as learners.

Although on first try, it is quite fiddley to use, and not immediately intuitive. PebblePad also has (for me) some unusual vocabulary, eg, ‘asset’ for file, but there is a useful glossary of terms under the help menu until you get to grips with them.

After graduation, students can keep access to their e-portfolio… very useful for linking for job applications!